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Amazing Animals Became Real-Life Heroes To Humans In Need

Our pets can feel like lifesavers just by being there for us at the end of a long, stressful day and looking up at us with their adorable, happy faces.

But when these humans found themselves in real, terrifying danger, these animals stepped up even more and became actual, real-life superheroes.

1. Kahn the Doberman Pinscher

Khan had only been a member of his new family for a few days when he saved the life of their toddler, Charlotte. While watching the two play in their yard, her mother, Catherine, was beyond shocked to see the pooch acting aggressively toward the tyke, and was even more appalled when he picked her up by her diaper and tossed her behind him. After making sure Charlotte was alright, she realized that Khan had been bitten by a King Brown snake that had been inches away from her daughter. If it had struck the small child, it would have been fatal, but luckily, Khan acted fast and was able to fully recover following an anti-venom treatment.

2. Winnie the "Wonder Cat"

In 2007, this smart tabby cat saved her human family — Kathy Keesling, her husband, and their teenage son — from carbon monoxide poisoning when a water pump malfunction in their basement created a leak in the middle of the night. Winnie sensed the change in air and rushed to Keesling's bed to wake her up. Her husband and son were completely unconscious by the time she found the strength to keep herself upright long enough to dial 911. Without Winnie, there's little chance the family would have survived.

3. A whole bunch of dolphins

There are numerous stories of dolphins coming to the aid of humans in distress, but none quite as harrowing as surfer Todd Endris's. While out trying to catch some waves, Endris instead got caught in the jaws of a Great White shark. Describing it like "trying to fight a car," the already badly wounded surfer was saved from the shark coming back for seconds when a group of dolphins created a wall between him and the beast, allowing him and his friends to swim back to shore.

4. Dory the rabbit

Even though his wife is an ambulance driver trained to take quick, lifesaving action, it was Simon Steggall's rabbit who came to his rescue in 2004. While his wife, Victoria, was in the kitchen, he had seemed to doze off in front of the TV, but in reality was suffering a diabetic reaction, unable to move or make a sound. Dory sensed his predicament and began anxiously hopping and fidgeting on his chest. Victoria soon noticed the odd behavior and realized what was really going on. She called for emergency assistance when she couldn't rouse him herself.

5. Pod of porpoises

Beloved actors need help, too, and according to Dick Van Dyke himself, it was a group of helpful porpoises who came to his aid when he accidentally dozed off on his surfboard. He claims to have woken up to discover he'd floated so far out on the waves that he could no longer see the shore. While attempting to paddle himself back, he saw fins and feared the worst. But instead of sharks, he says they were porpoises who kindly ushered him back to the beach.

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