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7 Amazing Examples Of Detailed Nail Art That Will Blow You Away

Nail art is a huge trend, even for those with short nails. Adding a simple strip, some dots or a fancy French tip is a quick way to up the ante on your nail game. Those all look great but are level one nail art. It takes some practice to get here, but these designs have turned it up to eleven. Check out some of the best nail artist out there and check out what they can do.

1. Celebrate summer with summer staples on your nails.

2. Bright colors and Aztec-inspired nails are perfect for summer. 

3. These pink pigs are too cute for words!

4. Bring on the beach with these nails!

5. These nautical nails are amazing

6. Mulan makes a perfect manicure theme

7. These gorgeous geisha nails are super detailed!

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