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MIcrosoft patented flexible display

MIcrosoft patented flexible display - LG and Samsung are not the only company that has patented a flexible screen. Microsoft did not want to lose patented flexible display its own version.

In fact, Microsoft claims the company had already had this patent, long before other companies busy to make a phone with a curved screen or just show off flexible display.

Patent called 'flexible mobile displays' of Microsoft, as quoted from Softpedia News, known to have existed since 2011.

MIcrosoft patented flexible display

Four years ago maybe only a few people who believe there will be a smartphone with flexible or curved screen. In fact, now many vendors are innovating make a smartphone with a screen that is not unusual.

Samsung is known as a battering ram design standard smartphone screen with Galaxy Round. However, LG became the first to create a flexible screen smartphones available in the market.

MIcrosoft patented flexible display

While Microsoft, although already since 2011 has patent 'flexible mobile displays', but a new focus on the smartphone business in recent years. Precisely, since the purchase of Nokia mobile phone business unit.

The disclosure of this patent, led to speculation that Microsoft may be making a smartphone with a flexible screen in the future.

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