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TELEVISION Ads Ruin Happy Brand new Year 2015 For Several Vacation

TELEVISION Ads Ruin Happy Brand new Year 2015 For Several Vacation. Individuals wishing for a Joyful New Year 2015 within Andalusia down in the southern area of Spain were outraged Thursday night, as a regional television station cut in order to a commercial break, just like the chimes began in order to ring in the Brand new Year.

Canal Sur is usually the public television place for Andalusia, and lots of individuals were tuned in, because they do every year, prepared to gobble down twelve grapes for luck, a single for each from the chimes leading up to night time as well as the New Year.

This has been a custom in Spain for several years to consume one grape for each chime, hence hopefully heading for each good luck and success within the New Year. Along with the recession in Spain, which started back in 2008 and still continues today, this tradition is probably even more important than ever.

TELEVISION Ads Ruin Happy Brand new Year 2015 For Several Vacation

Whether sitting in their own homes or in a restaurants or bar, people were poised, grape held just in front of the lips, ready for the countdown to a Happy New Year 2015 to start. However, after a big build up by the TV announcers, in front of the town hall in Almería, and just as the fun involved to begin, the television station cut to a commercial break, totally destroying the mood. See it all happen in the Spanish language video below.

El Pais reported that viewers throughout the region were left completely dumbfounded, grape in hand, staring in shock at their televisions, while first they were offered an ad for coffee, then another for the Jerez MotoGP World Championship.

People could not believe their eyes, and immediately became angry at the particular fact that this ruined their celebrations. How can a television channel end up being that greedy to fill up those important moments along with ads? Have an appearance at the shock associated with a typical Andalusian loved ones below, who decided in order to film their Happy Brand new Year 2015 celebrations.

Right after coping with the shock, several people headed straight regarding social media, posting remarks and poking fun from the television channel. Tweets saw an outburst associated with both anger, but furthermore fun, and ended upward with the hashtag #canalsur trending worldwide.

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