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Google rumored Want to buy Twitter

Google rumored Want to buy Twitter - Internet giant Google reportedly interested in buying the microblogging site Twitter. The hot speculation could make Twitter share price rose.

Yes, it came from nowhere, suddenly circulating rumors that Google intends to acquire Twitter. Twitter share price then rose 3.3% because of this news.

Google rumored Want to buy Twitter

According to Bob Peck, industry analyst at SunTrust, Google had been rumored several times trying to buy Twitter. Now if Google wants to acquire Twitter, it is estimated they have to spend up to $ 40 billion.

Google rumored Want to buy Twitter

Purchase Twitter according to Peck could be good for Google's business. Although the acquisition is expected to run hard.

"It seems to be good if Twitter combined with a variety of Google products," said Peck.

Google themselves have a supply of cash of USD 60 billion, so it is considered able to pick up Twitter. Only it should be noted, Twitter is still limited to the purchase of newspaper gossip.

When confirmed, either Twitter maupin Google reluctant to comment on these rumors.

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