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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis baby: An oversharing celebrity takes his private existence private

Celebrity Mila Kunis gave delivery to a baby lady on Tuesday night, TMZ along with other celebrity sites documented, with fiance Ashton Kutcher by her side. The particular site says the few arrived around the hospital upon Tuesday morning.

Sound hazy? Honestly, those are most likely all of the information we’re going to obtain. Kutcher, reputed for parading previous romances down red carpets and rugs and constantly speaking about their love life, has significantly dialed down his personality in recent years. Although his high-profile marriage in order to Demi Moore was tabloid fodder for years, Kutcher’s been on lockdown given that he started dating Kunis, his former “That 70′s Show” co-star, 2 yrs back.

Yep, the guy that was officially the 1st oversharing Twitter celebrity will be now tight-lipped about their personal life. He does not even tweet anymore. Kutcher handed his account more than to his PR group in 2011 after the particular outrage when he angrily tweeted about Joe Paterno being fired from Penn State — without recognizing the storyplot behind the kid sexual abuse scandal.

Kutcher, 36, and Kunis, thirty-one, started dating in this year — shortly after their split with Moore, which usually involved tabloid headlines regarding him cheating with the woman in San Diego on his loved-one's birthday. Actually now, the couple hardly ever talks about their wedding (which happened last year), and Kunis only talked about her pregnancy when this became very obvious.

“I am going to perform everything in my energy to get this relationship become private, ” Kutcher informed Elle Magazine in 2013. (About annually after Moore had a semi-public crisis in the wake of the divorce. ) Kutcher added, “I’ve learned the hard way how valuable privacy is. ”

The closest Kutcher and Kunis have come to commenting on their relationship was a strange, self-referential episode of Kutcher’s comedy “Two and a Half Men. ” Kunis guest starred as his love interest and they joked about how crazy it would be to date a Hollywood actress.

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