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Strong Interaction - The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics

Strong Interaction - The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics hi today we're going to continue talking well wanted the four fundamental forces a physically strong force which is so awesomely strong that it's taking two episodes for me to describe it to you , so if you haven't already a highly suggest watching the first one

I don't know what's up with this so re will both be here when you get back she hopefully you can tell by its name that the strong force is strong but how powerful is it  well it's powerful enough to make this happen in fact that helium exists or even you know any Adams exist is a pretty big deal and it's important to understand why killing an animal fee limits new places may have two protons and usually two neutrons 

Strong Interaction - The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics

the thing is those protons hate the living crap out of each other like more than anything else in the universe does protons want to get away from each other because they are both positively charged yet they exist together in the tiny space you could probably think and they do it because I've strong force 

the same force that holds the courts together to make these neutrons and protons the brand above the strong force that's working between the protons and neutrons were the nucleus is called the nuclear force  and it's important for two reasons first it strongly repulsive it very short distances so nuclear force keeps protons and neutrons away from each other a bit even the neutrons are electrically neutral and don't care who they hang out with this report and helps give atomic nuclei their size the second reason nuclear force is important is because it strongly attractive as slightly larger distances up to about a quadrillion for me to the neutrons and protons are being kept apart and bound together by the same force at the same time 

Strong Interaction - The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics

the strong force interaction is powerful stuff which is why so much energy is released when atoms are splitnuclear force is seen as a residualforce brought on by the even strongerversion of the strong force called color force that I talked aboutand last video that binds quirkstogether within protons and neutron sparticles like neutrons and protons thatare made of quarks Arkle hand drawnas you'll recall color force is conveyedby force carriers called glue armswith flyaround holding course together inside a hand drawn there's so much energy involved in thisactivity they basically forms anotherkind of four scarieroutside of the hand drawn called a pilefarms themselvesare made of quarks and have to Clarkson 

Strong Interaction - The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics

remember their quirks are always shifting between quantum statesthat physicists call color do this by swapping blue ones a processand holds the courts together now sincecolor forces being exerted within thepylonsand the plans are being exchanged between protons and neutrons the pie andessentially make it possible for colorforce to be exerted between protons and neutrons and giving astraight course within 

the protons andneutrons are changing colors as they swapped ions from outsidejust as they do when passing the ones inside mean difference is that pie and transmit a scaled down version of strong for so thisis totally freaking weird becausestrictly speaking hand drawn shouldn'tparticipate in color interactions allpylonis like a bus that drives a high school football team from one county did next facilitating a game that would never happen otherwise except in this case

the game instead of being a bunch ofpeople running into each other in padsis keeping the entire universe together and are helping make sure that this canhappen yeah and yesI could have used anything is an examplehear anything made of Adams I could usemy finger nail but i wanna whale balloon think you're watching this the service I shall guideget outta my faithI know this isn't technically a whale sorry but leave the comment anyway telling meit's not aware ofa the only questions or comments orideas obviously those in the count wellor on Facebook or Twitterand we'll see next time sheday

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