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Bill Nye the Science Guy Dispels Poverty Myths

Dispels Poverty Myths

so there are two myths associated with health. World Health wiser science educator who fight Smith's are spent some time looking at the data, this remarkable we can see how we can see, why kids are dying, we can see how to prevent for people perceive that.

the US pencil on work that if the US budget word our a quarter over spin on foreign aid but thats that's not true it's less than a penny, its point a percent federal Roger, you can even cut a Korean small enough to represent  how much money as before units it's not that much, now this idea that wars or natural disasters armies earthquakes kill most to the people, that's wrong in pails its dwarfed by the number of people killed by preventable diseases, this sector represents the number of kids five years old in your die every year, from engines this represents the number of kids five years old and younger die every year from non conveniens cancer

Bill Nye the Science Guy Dispels Poverty Myths

the engine all of this most of the circle this kid's dying five years old rearmed dying of communicable preventable disease this is where weekend change the world, people think that we've been sending money to Africa for decades, nothing's improve things, are as bad as they ever were, well that's a myth when you can show statistically that child mortality is gone down over the last couple decades, by a factor of two Cunningham noise in the data

we have a real opportunity to leave the world better than we found to dispel these bins move on, to improve quality of life, people everywhere. so let's prevent the disease, let's address preventable disaster in

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