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Obama Delivers State of the Union Address

in the president entered the ornate House chamber with handshakes and hugs for members of congress, aims his appeal be on this room to the 30 million Americans watching at home.

let's make this a year a fraction and as he had signaled last, mister obama said he would act to reverse the growing gap between the wealthy and those at the bottom up america's pay scale raising, the minimum wage have some connected to government and urging Congress to raise the pay up all at minimum wages, this will help families no give businesses customers with more money to spend say yes and the president turned to the efforts to create a pathway to citizenship.

for some who are in the country illegally and reform the US immigration system independent,  economists say immigration reform will grow our economy and shrink our deficits by almost $1 trillion dollars in the next two decades.

turning his attention overseas to Syria, mister Obama expressed support for those in the opposition not affiliated with terrorist networks, he pointed to diplomatic efforts to eliminate chemical weapons in Syria, enter negotiations to keep Iran from building a nuclear bomb crediting tough sanctions, let me be clear this congress sends me a new sanctions mill.

now that threatens to derail these talks, I will veto it, with most US troops out of Afghanistan by year's end the president says if the government signs a security agreement a small force would remain to train Afghans and help pursue al Qaeda for all our relationship with Afghanistan will changeone thing that will not our resolve : the terrorist do not launch attacks against our country at home.

the president battles an approval rating a forty six percent, down significantly in a year, and congresswoman cathy McMorris Rodgers giving the republican response, delivered a different way a balancing income, inequality less government so we hope the president will join us in a year, real action by empowering people not by making their lives harder with unprecedented spending higher taxes and fewer jobs.

from here the president begins a two-day four-state tour to promote his initiatives, he'll continue to push for complete a minimum wage increased to as, he told congress give america arrays in washington

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